Oregon Running Clinic works with runners of all types, across age, experience, and running ability. Discover how Dr. Jen Davis was able to help these runners get back on track.


Dan Holstein

Thank you, Jen Davis, for helping me fulfill a longtime goal of running a marathon! I would not have been able to complete this feat if it were not for Jen and the expert advice, manual therapy procedures, exercise, training, and rehabilitation. The manual therapy and following a daily regimen of exercises was key in my recovery. Retraining old thinking and implementing a new set of plans is easier said than done. Through those procedures, plans, and constant encouragement I’m able to run pain-free today. This is nothing short of a miracle. Two years ago I tore my right bi-cep tendon from my knee in a soccer injury. I followed that up with meniscus surgery on my other knee six months later. I was told to look at other forms of exercise. As to running a marathon...out of the question. I can’t begin to tell you how good this feels to be back enjoying the activities I love and to cross the finish line at the Portland Marathon. Thanks again, Jen. I’m already signed up for next years’ Portland Marathon. See you then.

Mary Jo O

Being a runner for several decades and sustaining my share of injuries over the years, I thought my running days were over three years ago when hip and back problems finally caught up with me. I participated in the traditional rounds of physical therapy, deep massage, yoga, and acupuncture. All of these procedures helped me get out of the pain loop but I still couldn’t run. Through her work with the West Linn High School Cross Country team, I met Jen Davis, DPT. She quickly diagnosed the unbalances in my body, and worked closely with me to come up with a program to not only keep me out of the pain loop but also got me back running again. At each session, she updated my progress and provided me with a home program. She used innovative techniques and modalities.

Jen is very knowledgeable about the body, the muscles, and movement. She knows and applies the latest treatments. She is personable, highly skilled, and passionate about what she does. I recommend Jen Davis, DPT without reservation.
— West Linn, OR


I met Jen at a Foot Traffic function, and she thought she could help me. I planned to have Jen work on my calf, but she also did an entire biomechanical evaluation. She found areas of weakness in my hips and other stabilizer muscles, and we discussed exercises to work on these imbalances.
I would recommend that anyone suffering from a chronic or acute pain see Jen. I can’t say enough about her proactive approach in identifying what caused the injury in the first place and making that the focus of her treatment plan. Also, you won’t believe how fast her manual therapy works in alleviating pain that you’ve been suffering for months.
— Registered Dietitian Boston Marathon Qualifier


After a very frustrating 7-8 months and three physical therapists, two chiropractors, two sports medicine doctors doing orthopedic manipulation, multiple massage therapists and rest on my part, Jen was able to knock my lingering high hamstring out of the park with very specific exercises and annual therapy!!
— Registered and Licensed Dietitian, Former NCAA D1 National Qualifier, Boston Marathon Qualifier